Our union leadership

SMART 100 is led by a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to making sure that our members’ rights are protected, needs are addressed and benefits are fulfilled. We ensure that our members keep working with quality contractors who pay fair wages, run safe job sites and respect employees. Your elected leaders are here for you, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Business Manager, SMART Local 100

  • 301-655-0357

  • Info@Smart100.org

Roanoke, Norfolk, Richmond JATC and Local 100 health fund trustee

  • 757-816-8132

  • WAllen@smart100.org

Roanoke Executive Board and Roanoke JATC Trustee

  • 540-204-5737

  • JAbbot@smart100.org

Cumberland JATC Trustee 

  • 240-484-2706

  • BDiehl@smart100.org

Financial Secretary-Treasurer

  • 240-524-8580

  • WHackley@smart100.org

Trustee, General Fund

  • 540-226-5879

  • SSullivan@smart100.org

Trustee, General Fund

  • 540-394-0152

  • JPickens@smart100.org

Washington pension, 401k, vacation and Local 100 health fund trustee

  • 443-784-9718

  • TKilleen@smart100.org

Washington and Baltimore JATC Trustee

  • 202-368-1392

  • MMahar@smart100.org

Washington pension, 401k, vacation, Local 100 health fund and Cumberland JATC trustee

  • 240-593-0145

  • MNoble@smart100.org

Washington pension, 401k, vacation and Local 100 health fund trustee

  • 301-568-8655 Ext. 132

  • JDumler@smart100.org

Washington pension, 401k, vacation, Local 100 health fund and Baltimore JATC trustee

  • 301-568-8655 Ext. 116

  • CSewell@smart100.org

Business Agent

  • 301-568-8655 Ext. 116

  • DWatts@smart100org

A Message from the Business Manager

As your Business Manager, co-worker and union brother, let me be the first to welcome you to SMART Local 100. Our union is growing, our members are working on a wide array of incredible and impactful projects, and we are committed to making sure you receive competitive wages and the best-in-class benefits.

We have grown our membership, increased the size of our apprenticeship program, and gained new market share. We’ve secured good contracts and are providing great benefits. We have also been able to do more for the community by donating to charities and organizations such as Creative Suitland, Christmas in April, the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Special Olympics, just to name a few.

SMART Local 100’s story isn’t just one of resilience. It’s a true comeback story. When I assumed the role of Business Manager, our financial outlook was bleak. We were over $5 million in debt, but today, we are stronger than ever.

Gone is the debt from the past and our bottom line is healthy, with a balance of approximately $18 million at the end of fiscal year 2021. This budget surplus will go far toward stabilizing our financial outlook for the benefit of members, including shoring up several million dollars in reserves to improve our contracts, organizing, and Union Hall improvements.

This great turnaround is a testament to the power of collective action and what we can achieve for each other as members when we band together.

SMART Local 100 members can expect to receive all sorts of exciting news and updates from our leadership team regularly. We have launched an email and texting system to better serve our members and communicate about important updates and events.

There’s never been a better time to be a union member and we pledge to do all we can to make sure that our members are protected, working and receiving the best benefits available. We look forward to sharing more with you as we continue to build our communities together.


Richie LaBille III
Business Manager, SMART Local 100