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Our members enjoy access to high quality healthcare, pension plans, annuities, and more. To qualify for full benefits for you and your family, you must be a member in good standing who has worked at least 300 hours in the last eligibility period.

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Health Funds
pension fund
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Health fund, apprenticeship, 401(k) and Washington area pension fund

Here are the health care funds available to our members.

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 100 Health Fund


National Pension Fund

The Sheet Metal Workers’ National Pension Fund is a defined benefit pension fund. As a defined benefit plan, all Fund assets are held in one trust for the benefit of all participants.

Sheet Metal Workers National Pension Fund

Additional resources


IBEW Local 26 Federal Credit Union



Add your name to the out-of-work list by emailing the following information to
1.       Your name
2.       Your membership number
3.       Your phone number
4.       Your last employer’s name
5.       The date you last worked


Your union representatives are always here to address your needs. We are working for you. Please reach out today for information or assistance and we’ll make sure your needs are addressed.

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